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Sleipner Field

Sleipner Field

Date Added: 26 November 2006 Contributor: Garve Scott-Lodge Year of Photo: 2005 Picture No: 184

Gas produced from the Sleipner field has an unusually high concentration of CO2, so in order to conform with regulations most of it is injected back below the seabed into a saline aquifer.

Had this process not been adopted, and the CO2 produced been allowed to escape to the atmosphere, the licensees of the Sleipner West field would have had to pay NOK 1 million/day in Norwegian CO2 taxes. Sleipner has been reinjecting one million tons of CO2 gas every year since 1996, or the equivalent of the amount produced by about 110,000 Norwegians a year.

Picture courtesy of Statoil


Question rather than comment. Can anyone tell me for how many years is it expected to be able to store the CO2 into the aquifer?. Can anyone tell me how this compares to the Gorgon Project in Western Australia? Many thanks
Comment left on 03 March 2010 at 11:03 by John Townsend
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