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Noble Sam Noble

Noble Sam Noble

Date Added: 30 June 2010 Contributor: Alan Dow Year of Photo: 2009 Picture No: 2169

The jackup rig Noble Sam Noble, working in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico.

Taken 7th Nov 2009.


The mighty Sam Noble (Drilling Ahead). That's right, the pearl of the Gulf. Made Noble a lot of money. Jackup #2 built in 1982. Comment left on 23 January 2011 at 22:51 by Hacksaw77872
Hey guys I had a long lost friend named Mr Samuel C Turner from U S , Missisipi, who worked as T P on Bombay High. I was known as Chris. Can you help me to get connected to this noble gentleman, regards to all at NOBLE. Comment left on 17 September 2011 at 15:00 by L R Karamchandani (Chris)
my dad is on that rig for 6 weeks =( Comment left on 27 October 2011 at 13:44 by Caleb
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